Saturday, January 30, 2010

These 97 pages

I read it 4 times, over and over, since Wednesday. I felt the impulse to re-read it over and over again, because i suspect I am missing something from it. It is strange how i get so inquisitive over this book since I am not really into theatre or any form of performances... Those few performances I went to were really either out of obligation or boredom.

The first time, I was reading it in my balcony overlooking the busy streets (my new apartment which I bought from my winnings)
The second time, I was reading it in the toilet.
Third time, I read at the internet cafe down the street ..I have my wireless internet, of course, but it is nice to hope by an internet cafe sometimes.... people watching just to feel normal again.
The Fourth, today. I was reading it with an ice-cream in my right hand, standing next to a ice-cream kiosk along the busy main road... this time, people are watching me, puzzled to see someone standing and reading amongst loads of human traffic.

I feel impulse to read it for the fifth time tomorrow.

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