Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My First Blog

On my 17th Birthday, I decided to paint my nails red. That was 20 years ago and ever since then, I have been wearing red nails everyday. Sometimes, I try different shades of red.. cherry red, hot red, blood red, dark red, chocolate red...

As to the reason for my decision on my 17th birthday, it was purely made out of an impulsive desire to curb my obsessive eating of Mac Donald's Cheese Burger. I figured that with these red nails, whenever I am tempted to raise a cheeseburger towards my mouth, the beautiful red nails will catch my eyes first before the cheeseburger catches my mouth. Then perhaps, it will distract me from the burger, and eventually, I will be freed from this burger obsession.

Have I succeeded? Yes. I have never touched another Mac Donald Burger since... although i still eat cheese, beef steak, ketchup, buns... but not from Mac Donald, and not in that configuration.

Now, back to my first blog on the internet....I have never ever thought that i will do this in my life time. I am basically a private person. I was recently retrenched from my work /thanks to the recession/. As a result, I began exploring the internet for job options, facebooking to find contacts, looking at blogs, Ad Sense, Googles, You tube... all ways to find a route to survival.

I have to confess that it makes me 100% curious that people are able to earn a living just by being on the computer. But to be honest, that wasn't the reason why i decide to write my blog. Of course, i do hope someday, I will be able to make a success, like those people I've read about. BUT!!! I've come to realise that this is a place where I can really confess, bare it all, tell it all, to share, to be attacked.... but i am still safe. As i mentioned, I am private, so you have to understand that it is a relief to be able to express and pour out much of my personal desire to speak.

I think in this world, a potential problem is people are talking too much, but listening and sensing much less. Maybe I am on the other extreme, talking too little, and this can make living quite difficult. Hence, I decide to blog.

Thanks for reading this.. I will be back for more. For now, I leave you a photo of my introduction, my red nails.

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