Thursday, August 13, 2009


Recently, I have been thinking alot about smoking. Believe me, I have went through almost all Quitting sites on the internet. I am sure many smokers can identify with me. And it seems to me that no one on earth has yet to come out with an innovative solution to quitting. All sites and help give similar advice.

1. Set a quitting date
2. List down all the pros and cons about smoking
3. Adopt a gradual cutting down approach or quit cold turkey
4. Success to becoming a non-smoker

I wish it is simple as it seems. Perhaps it works for some, but not for stubborn people, like myself. So, I started a quest on my personal attempt to quit smoking. I reckon that it will be good to revisit my entire history with this packet of cigarettes lying in front of me. How did it started?

It was one evening when i was starring out of my bedroom's window, I have forgotten what I was thinking about then. It was 25 years ago. I was looking at the cows and trees. A river runs through the greenery. There were some trucks on the highway. From far, I saw a truck approaching. That would have been a common sight, except this particular truck, on this particular evening seemed to have gotten into some trouble. It must have been traveling at extremely high speed when a small little calf accidentally roamed onto this man-made, artificial freeway. I could imagine the expression on both the calf's and truck driver's faces, eyes popping out with wide open mouth, startled, maybe with a scream let out. The truck moved with great velocity from left to right, right to left, in the pattern of a S. It finally and successfully missed the calf, but charged its way into this old oak tree. The next scene to follow was hilarious. The calf calmly made its way back to the greens and the truck driver emerged from his truck with both hands on his forehead. Few seconds passed, he reached for the back pocket of his jeans, took out a pack of Marlboro Red. He seemed relieved with his first puff after this tragic accident. I mean it was tragical for the truck. Quickly, I saw him gaining back his composure with the stick in his mouth. He went past the freeway onto the greenway, just to check if the calf was unhurt. That moment was unforgettable and cinematographic. With that moment, I felt in love with smoking. I watched him from a far, I couldn't make out the details of his features, but I remembered clearly that he was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans, with a cowboy hat.

I went to my father's room, stole a stick from him, and i was officially a self-made smoker then. Upon reflection, I don't think it was the truck driver's fault to make me a smoker, nor was I so mesmerized by his action or him. Up till today, I am still puzzled about how this event has led me to smoking.

Anyway, back to now, I think I am going to try various way to quit smoking. One immediate idea is to indulge in other pleasure such as spas and massages. I think massages and spas are another form of indulgence for the body, it should release some tension and give some pleasure. And perhaps, with the aroma oils, it will heighten my will to quit smoking. Basically, I am trying to find a distraction to my desire to smoke. Let's see if this helps.


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