Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my mom. very sad news.

I just writte briefely because I d0n't really feel like it at all but since I feel comitted to this diary somehow.
About 20 days ago I had to fly back to texas because my mother was very sick. they found her a breast cancer vary advanced. she had synthoms but she hadn't told anybody. and she's been sleeping alone for such a long time that no one had noticed anything.
It was too late, too late for saving her. she passed away 3 days ago.
I'm back to lisbon now.
I didn't feel like staying
I don't feel well with my family around
my two sisters, so old and so different from me, and always ready to tell me what should i do with my life. as if their life were happy at all...
no, i couldn't take it. i rather be back in europe by myself and have some confort from the few friends i have. one of them, by the way, is the instructor of the drag king work shop, we've became really close friends. i'm thinking about inviting her to my trip to japan, she/he is so nice...

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