Wednesday, October 7, 2009

to be a man

today i've woken up thinking about how different could my life would have been if i was born as a man.
i guess this is something i'd be very interested on trying. actually i'm curious about how would i be if i was a man. would i be a texan asshole as most of the boys i met on high school? would i be nice? would i be gay?
would i treat women with the sense of superiority that most men do?
does it feel really powerful to have a dick? and if it does, is this maybe the reason why...
forget it, i think i'm trying to say something that i'm not really sure what it is, or i'm sure but i don't find the right words, probably so. i usually have problems finding the right words to express myself.
anyways, i think i'm gonna join the drag kings workshop that i herd about the other day. since my friend told me i keep on thinking how much i'd love to do it but how embarrassed i would be...mmm today i'm gonna call just to find out more precisely what is it going to be like. and what kind of girls do this kind of workshops...this is stupid, who cares...

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