Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm feeling really like an old woman lately. I'm still young, I'd like to think, but this month of september I've been feeling aughful, as if I was 89 years old. I've started to have strange syntoms, I don't know if it might come from the european food, the water, the air...but because i don't feel well i'm always in a bad mood and I don't even feel like writting on this blog anymore. besides that in lisbon the weather is become very melancholic recently (or maybe it's just me the melancholic one)and I never thought I'd say this but: 1, I miss texas sometimes, and 2, I don't want to paint my nails anymore, who cares.
I have some kind of hypersensitivity in my mouth and my tongue barely touching my teeth or the food it hurts. my neck hurts and I feel tired all the time...I spend so much time by myself that I'm becoming obsesive and start feeling sympathy...I guess i'm not very good making friends or it's just that I don't find anybody interesting..............................................silence...............i wanted to listen to the silence for some seconds but it's impossible, my neighbour is playing some kind of african music very loud and it's impossible to listen to anything else.....i guess I'll just go for a walk under the rain to see if I my mood changes, because writting obviously hasn't worked.

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